Warranty Policy


Non-New, Overhauled and Serviceable units sold by Aviation Partners Group, Inc.

Warranty periods on New Surplus (NS), pre-owned, overhauled (OH) and Serviceable (SV, SVC) units sold by Aviation Partners Group vary depending on the item. Consult your salesperson regarding the length of warranty for a particular item at the time of purchase. In most cases, the warranty period will be indicated on the quotation prior to a sale. If not, please consult your salesperson. If a unit sold by Aviation Partners Group, hereafter aka APG, should experience a normal failure during the warranty period, then APG will either repair or replace the unit at its option. Generally the warranty periods are as follows: (NS) New Surplus – 1 year, (OH) Overhauled – 6 months, (SV, SVC) Serviceable – 90 days but some equipment only carries 30 days, ask your sales person.

New Units sold by Aviation Partners Group All new (NE, FN) units carry the Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty. The warranty period begins on the date of the APG Invoice. These warranties are subject to the terms and conditions of the OEM. Please contact the APG Warranty Administrator for individual OEM warranty policies. In some cases, APG cannot supply replacements for New units unless available from the manufacturer at such time when a claim is made. If a unit is not available from the OEM, APG can only offer warranty repair consideration for the item. All warranty claims on new units must be made through the APG Warranty Administrator. APG is not responsible or liable for any actions, activities, or costs should you choose to bypass APG in the warranty process and make contact with the OEM directly.


All warranty periods for items from APG are effective from date of APG Invoice unless arranged otherwise by the customer and APG prior to receipt of the item by the customer. Cost of removal and installation of any unit that includes warranty from APG will be at the customer’s expense. APG offers complimentary UPS Ground shipping for domestic warranty claims. This complimentary shipping service is only valid for shipment to the address on the original sales transaction and not to a drop ship address. All other shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the customer. Any and all customs duties or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Labor costs, aircraft downtime, loss of revenue or any other additional collateral costs are not covered under the warranty policy unless otherwise stated in writing or with prior written authorization by APG. Customer is subject to billing charges including but not limited to transportation and evaluation for items where no fault is found. APG will not honor warranties for items that have experienced defects or failures from misuse, improper handling, improper installation or improper packaging. Please note that warranty seals have been placed on items to ensure they are in the same internal state as when shipped to the customer. If these seals are tampered with, all implied and expressed warranties from APG are null and void without exception. Furthermore, APG will not honor warranty repair work that is not performed at our facility. By shipment of a unit sent to APG for warranty consideration, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this warranty policy. If any part of these statements regarding APG’s warranty policy should not be understood or not in accordance with customer expectations, please fill out the form to the right and we will contact you.

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