Repair/Certify Policy


In most instances, repair or service items received by APG Avionics are evaluated within 5 business days of the time of receipt of the item. A detailed estimate of the cost to repair or to certify will be provided for the customer’s approval. After signed customer approval the work is begun immediately as long as the customer is in good financial standing with APG Avionics. On the rare occasion that a customer is not in good financial standing with APG Avionics, we will advise the customer that the quoted service cannot begin until payment is received by APG Avionics.
In rare instances, APG Avionics may require a customer to prepay a deposit before an item can be received, inspected, or evaluated by our avionics facility. In this event, the customer will be provided with immediate notification of this deposit requirement. The customer will be advised of any work stoppages or delays caused by any financial matters.
The average turn around for minor repairs and certifications is 3-5 days. Turn around for major repairs and/or overhauls is typically 10-20 days. These times may fluctuate based on current backlogs and work volume however an estimated completion time is always provided on every APG Avionics evaluation and estimate.

APG Aviation offers a 90 day warranty for “Repaired” items and a 6 month warranty for “Overhauled” items. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for exact details and information.

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