Vision 1: Synthetic Vision System

Vision 1: Synthetic Vision System

P/N: 3015-00-00

Manufacturer:  Universal Avionics

Model  Number: Vision-1

Price: RFQ

Description: Brochure

“Vision-1 “Egocentric” pilot’s view is designed for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (EADI) applications. It provides the pilot with a perspective as if looking out the flight deck window. The system maintains the standard foreground symbology and replaces the blue/brown background with imagery depicting the terrain in real-time complete with pitch and roll orientation.

The unique “Exocentric” wingman’s view provides a 3-D view of your aircraft with respect to the flight path and surrounding terrain. The perspective is as if from a camera situated behind, above and to the right of the aircraft.” Universal Avionics


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August 1, 2016