P/N: ATC4401

Manufacturer: Becker

Model  Number: ATC4401-(x)

Price: RFQ

Description: See table

ATC4401-1-175 Panel Mount, 150W, 15,000ft
ATC4401-1-250 Panel Mount, 250W, 50,000ft
ATC4401-2-175 Remote Mount, 150W, 15,000ft
ATC4401-2-250 Remote Mount, 250W, 50,000ft
CU5401-1 Control Unit for ATC4401-2

The ATC 4401 has been designed for aircraft where small dimensions and light weight are essential. It has a similar look and the same 2 1/4 inch panel layout as the hugely successful Becker AR 6201 transceiver. Outstanding performance combined with low power consumption is provided in two transistorized transmitters. TSO Certified.

The sunlight readable display is illuminated for night operations. The display shows the transponder code and current flight level, if an encoding altimeter is connected and Mode-C is selected. Despite the small size, the operation is simple and straight forward. It even allows he one button recall of two preselected codes. The ATC 4401 operates from 9.0 to 32.2 V DC. This makes it suitable for almost every application in general aviation. The transponder is prepared for the connection of blind encoders from different manufacturers. Recommended Becker Type: BE6401-1-(01)


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July 21, 2016