Touch Screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

Touch Screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

P/N: 850-00182-xxx

Manufacturer: Avidyne

Model  Number: IFD550



The IFD550 has all the features and functionality of the other IFD FMS systems, including Hybrid Touch, Page & Tab user interface, GeoFill automatic waypoint nomination, and easy Airway flight planning. The difference is an added integrated Attitude Reference System (ARS) that detects changes in pitch & roll. The IFD550 also provides stunning fullcolor, “exocentric” (in-trail) SVS.

3D Terrain & FLTA – Terrain Awareness (SVS-TA) is provided via hashed coloration of terrain. Textual and aural alerts are provided for terrain hazards. Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) provides an extra measure of safety by displaying a solid yellow or red impact point based on projected flight path in the event that a collision with terrain is projected. FLTA also provides visual CAS messaging & aural alerting.