Engine Analyzer

P/N: SR-8A

Manufacturer: Electronics International

Model  Number: SR-8A

Price: RFQ


SR-8A instrument only SR-8A-4 4cyl package
SR-8A-4g 4cyl package SR-8A-6 6cyl package

Temperature Monitoring

The SR-8A has a large, crisp, backlit display, which is viewable in direct sunlight. Temperature inputs allow pilots to monitor up to 8 temperatures, including EGT, CHT, TIT, OAT, Carb Temp, Cowl Temp, Oil Temp, and virtually any other temperature.

Scanning Channels

Step through each channel with the Step Switch, or place the instrument into Scan Mode and have it monitor the entire suite of monitored temperatures automatically. An adjustable pot on the face of the instrument allows pilots to choose a scan rate from between 1 to 9 seconds per channel.


The SR-8A comes complete with alarms for EGT and CHT. Factory preset limits set the EGT overtemp at 1650°F and CHT at 500°F. Lower limits for EGT are set to 1100°F. An EGT Differential limit can be set for a Carbureted Engine (195°) or Injected (95°) to alert you when the EGT spread is too large.



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July 27, 2016

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Posted on

July 27, 2016