Detection System

Detection System

P/N: 850-00026-004

Manufacturer: Avidyne

Model  Number: TWX670

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The TWX670 is the first and only lightning-based, real time, tactical, color weather avoidance solution. It accurately detects and clearly displays electrical discharges– the primary indicator of thunderstorms–in real time, regardless of aircraft maneuvering. With its significantly-improved accuracy over previous-generation lightning detection systems, the TWX670 provides true tactical weather avoidance in the critical 0 – 25nm range, making it a perfect complement to the strategic benefits of satellite-based datalink weather.

In Strike Mode, up to 1024 strikes are displayed for up to 3 minutes. Each transmitted strike includes range, bearing, and weight (color). Regional activity, not age, determines the strike color. Strikes that are more recent but further away cannot “drown out” flashes that are closer and less recent. This provides a level of comfort to pilots transitioning from less capable systems. Color enhancement helps to identify areas of high intensity while still providing a view of the discrete events.


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July 25, 2016