Airframe Health Monitor

Airframe Health Monitor

P/N: OM965310

Manufacturer:  Shadin

Model  Number: Trendbox200

Price: RFQ

Description: Ops Manual

The FlightFrame system consists of a GPS antenna, a portable data gathering device (the TrendBox200), and a web-based structural analysis application running on a PC. The TrendBox200 records 3-axis acceleration, 2-axis rotation rate, and GPS data during a flight. This data is stored in a non-volatile, removable memory card. The recorded data on the memory card is transferred to a PC after the flight.

System Specifications for TrendBox200

  • Input voltage range of 9.0 VDC to 33.0 VDC
  • Green power indication LED
  • One DB-15 external connector for the power and communication lines
  • One external SMA jack for connection to an external GPS antenna
  • One SD memory card with a non-volatile memory capacity of 2 GB
  • Measure and record 3-axis acceleration data
  • Measure and record 2-axis rotation rate data

Included with the purchase of a Trendbox 200

  • TrendBox 200
  • GPS antenna with 16′ cable (not for external mounting)
  • Automotive style power adapter
  • One 2 GB SD memory card (stores approximately 100 flight hours of data)
  • Subscription to



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August 31, 2016

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Posted on

August 31, 2016