Voice and narrowband data system

Voice and narrowband data system


Manufacturer: Gogo Biz

Model  Number: Axxess

Price: RFQ


The Axxess system is open and flexible which allows you to customize existing functions to upgrade as new functionalities and networks are introduced.  You will have global voice and narrowband data capabilities (for fax, graphical weather information, and cockpit data), with two built-in channels of Iridium service. You will have features like call routing, call waiting and conference calling, just like your office phone, with the multi-channel PBX. If you pair it with the Data Interface Unit, Axxess will provide a FANS over Iridium solution as a field retrofit. For Internet connectivity add Gogo Biz or SwiftBroadband. You can also integrate with UCS 5000 to bring Hollywood with you via Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment.

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