Two-box wide ESIS display

Two-box wide ESIS display

P/N: 9200-38xxx

Manufacturer:  L-3

Model  Number: GH-3900RSU

Price: RFQ

Description: Brochure

Two-box system featuring a 4.2-inch diagonal highresolution

display (DU-42) and a separate Remote

Sensor Unit (RSU)

  • 1.5-inch-deep display allows installation in aircraft with
  • limited space behind the panel
  • Configurable I/O interfaces and SSEC and VMO values,
  • as well as display parameters
  • Interfaces support ARINC 429, RS-422 Serial Bus, RS-232
  • Serial Bus, discrete and analog inputs
  • Designed for Part 25 and Part 23 (Class III & IV) aircraft, as
  • well as Part 27 and Part 29 rotorcraft
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