P/N: BXP6402-XR

Manufacturer: Becker

Model  Number: BXP6402

Price: RFQ

Description: See table

BXP6402-1R RMT MT,LVL2/CLSS 1, 250W
BXP6402-2R RMT MT,LVL2/CLSS 2, 150W

The BXP6401/6402 is a LCD illuminated, compact and lightweight Mode-S transponder suited for VFR and IFR operations. The range of power supply voltage and the low power consumption make this transponder suitable for a wide range of aircraft. TSO Certified.

The transponder provides an interface to the central aircraft data system. It allows ELS, supports EHS, as well as ADS-B via extended squitter. The Mode-S ICAO address and additional fixed data are stored in a separate address module AM6400-1-(01), which is plugged on to the transponder and remains in the aircraft when the transponder is exchanged. BXP6401 is designed for panel mounting and fits into a 2 ¼ inch cut out. The BXP6402 version is designed for remote mounting. The sunlight readable display can be illuminated and dimmed for night operation.

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