P/N: BXP6401-X

Manufacturer: Becker

Model  Number: BXP 6401

Price: RFQ

Description: See below

BXP6401-1 PNL MT, LVL2/CLSS 1 250W
BXP6401-2 PNL MT, LVL2/CLSS 2, 150W

The BXP6401/6402 is a LCD illuminated, compact and lightweight Mode-S transponder suited for VFR and IFR operations. The range of power supply voltage and the low power consumption make this transponder suitable for a wide range of aircraft. TSO Certified. The BXP6401 transponder can be connected to blind encoders from most manufacturers via serial or parellel interface. For the simplest installation, the BE6400 blind encoder from Becker Avionics (sold seperately) connects directly to the transponder eliminating the need for an external power source.
BXP6401-1 is also directly exchangeable with the ATC4401-1 as the dimensions are the same and the main connector has the same pin assignment.

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