Traffic system

Traffic system

P/N:  006-18273-0000

Manufacturer:  Bendix King
Model  Number: KTA 970

Price: RFQ


“The KTA 970 features two directional antennas, each weighing less than a pound, and taking up a third the space of traditional TCAS antennas. The directional antennas, one placed on top of your aircraft, the other on the bottom, minimize own-aircraft shadowing and maximize range. A bottom omni-directional antenna is also available for aircraft with fixed gear.
Measuring only 3.5 in. wide by 5.95 in. deep and weighing less than a pound, the KA 815 directional antenna is the smallest and lightest TCAS antenna available today, simplifying installation, minimizing interference with existing antennas and reducing drag.” Bendix King

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