P/N: 70-2420-8TAS-620

Manufacturer: Avidyne

Model  Number: TAS620

Price: RFQ


Is our very best active traffic system, the TAS620 features a 21nm active range, a 40nm ADS-B range, a 10,000-foot vertical separation maximum and a 55,000-foot service ceiling. It accepts Arinc 429 Heading, permitting rapid repositioning of targets during high-rate turns.

Avidyne’s TAS-Series provides traffic advisories by calculating range, bearing, and altitude of intruder aircraft relative to the host aircraft, and provides a graphical overlay view and traffic depiction with TCAS symbology on display systems from over 15 different manufacturers including Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9, IFD540/440, and EX-Series MFDs, Garmin’s G1000, GTN650/750, and 400/500-Series, and displays from Honeywell, Aspen, Collins, Chelton, Sandel, Avalex, and many others.

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