Mode S transponder

Mode S transponder

P/N: 066-01143-XXXX

Manufacturer: Bendix King

Model  Number: MST-67A

Price: RFQ


066-01143-0201 TRANSPONDER MODE S NON-
066-01143-1602 XPDR MD S/TCAS DIV BITE L3 H-L
066-01143-2001 MODE S-TCAS ELS EHS NON-DIV

Providing pilots with optimal Mode S transponder performance, the MST 67A offers all the capabilities needed to operate in the evolving world airspace. This lightweight transponder weighs just 8.5 lbs. and incorporates all the latest technology, including the Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance functionality and unsurpassed data link capability with full Level 3 compliance.
The MST 67A features a unique Flight ID function that converts the transponder’s Mode S address (for US registered aircraft only) into the tail number of the aircraft. For most Part 91 operators, this is also your Flight ID, so it’s automatically stored in the transponder register, eliminating the need to install and use an additional control head or FMS. This makes compliance with Elementary Surveillance simple and convenient.
The solid-state MST 67A also has a flexible architecture designed with future growth in mind. Fully TSO’d, this transponder utilizes a 2 MCU ARINC form-factor and is equipped with standard ARINC 400-series connectors for easy installation.

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