Evolution 1000H MFD

Evolution 1000H MFD

P/N: 920-00005-120

Manufacturer:  Aspen

Model  Number: Evolution 1000H MFD

Price: RFQ

Description:  Brochure

Adding an Evolution 1000H MFD (Multi-Function Flight Display) to your 1000H PFD installation doubles your display area — providing flexible display of moving maps, datalink weather, traffic, charts and geo-referenced airport diagrams, built-in terrain awareness, and much more.

Built on the same platform as the 1000H Pro PFD, the 1000H MFD provides full PFD redundancy, duplicating all critical sensors and systems. The 1000H MFD can instantly become a fully-functional backup PFD if your Pro PFD should deteriorate or fail.


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