Directional antenna

Directional antenna

P/N: 805-10003-001

Manufacturer:  L3

Model  Number: NY156

Price: RFQ


  • TCAS I Directional Antenna
  • Teardrop shaped
  • 2 TNC & 1 BNC Connector
  • Same as Sensor System P/N: S72-1744
  • Used in the SKY497 & SKY899 L3 Skywatch/Skywatch HP traffic alert systems
  • When installing an SKY899 TCAS I system, the NY-156 MUST be used; TAS installations
  • can use an alternate antenna (NY-164)
  • Sealed against environmental extremes
  • Are non-repairable
  • Must ensure a tight seal between the airframe & antenna
  • O-ring seal has been incorporated into the design to achieve a tight seal

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