Ameri-King ELT

Ameri-King ELT

P/N: AK-451-X(X)

Manufacturer: Ameri-King

Model Number: AK-451-X(X)

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AK-451-2 Emergency Locator Transmitter w/ Whip Antenna
AK-451-23 Emergency Locator Transmitter w/ GPS & Whip
AK-451-3 Emergency Locator Transmitter w/ Rod Antenna
AK-451-5 Emergency Locator Transmitter w/ Blade Antenna
AK-451-19 Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter Version) w/ GPS & Six Axis Switch
AK-451-17 Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter Version) w/ GPS w/ Whip Antenna
AK-451-15 Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter Version) w/ Whip Antenna
AK-451-14 Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter Version) w/ Rod Antenna
AK-451-12 Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter Version) w/ Six Axis Switch


The Ameri-King AK-451-(*) Series is a USA FAA TSO’d approved, Transport Canada approved, European EASA ETSO’d approved, Brazil Anatel approved, 406 MHz ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter. It transmits triple (406 Satellite /243 Military /121.5 Civilian) MHz frequencies. The accuracy for the ground search area is 1-3 kilometers. Having triple frequencies insures your distress message reaches both NOAA Satellite Operation and US Air Force AFSR Ground Operation, Search and Rescue Team, with 100% fully confidence, due to transmitting on both 243.0 MHz Military and 121.5 MHz Civilian bands, for immediate ground search dispatch, narrowing the searching time.

  • Triple Frequencies 406/121.5/243 MHz ELT.
  • Applicable to all Aircraft types: Transport Aircraft;
  • Business Jet Aircraft; General Aviation, Helicopters.
  • Dual Antenna: Blade Type (1.0 Mach) or Rod Type
  • (350 Knots) or Whip Type (300 Knots) and Portable
  • Hand Use.
  • Ultra Long Lasting, up to 78 hours @-20 deg C, @
  • End of 5 yrs useful life time. Lithium Battery
  • Package, Li MnO2, 4 D-Size Cells.
  • Reliable sealed G Switch, for dependable safety.
  • Optional Multi Axes (6 Axes) G Switch for Helicopters
  • Simple Installation. All accessories include Prefabricated
  • Wiring Harness Assy, Remote Control
  • Panel, Audible Warn Buzzer, Coaxial Cable Assy, and
  • Universal Mounting Tray.
  • Coding Programming Worldwide, all available ELT
  • Protocols, i.e. Short Messages (Serial / Aviation / 24
  • Bit Address) User Protocol; National Protocol.
  • Self Test built-in. OXCO tech for perfect grad temp
  • stability
  • PERP: 5W (406.028 MHz) 50 mw (243.0/121.5) MHz
  • RTCA Env Categories: F1XBA[204/183][204/183]XR
  •  [204/183]XXSZXXX(AC)204/183](BC)XXXX(C/204)
  • ACK/Pointer/Narco/Artex/Kannad
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