Airborn Digital Audio Selector

Airborn Digital Audio Selector

P/N: DVCS6100

Manufacturer: Becker

Model Number: DVCS6100

Price: RFQ


The DVCS6100 has the following main Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and accessories:

EM6100 External Memory Module
ACU6100 Audio Control Unit – Standard
ACU6100 Audio Control Unit – Fixed-Wing
ACU6100 Audio Control Unit – Vertical Fixed-Wing
ACU6101 Audio Control Unit (compact size)
ACU6101-X-(8XXX) Audio Control Unit (cabin)
Optional Units
IC3100 Intercom Amplifier
PA3100 Amplifier (8 Channels)
EB3100 External Jack Box
CB3100 Converter Box
JB6101 Junction Box
ST3100 Handset
CSW6100 Configuration Software
REU6100 Remote Control Unit
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