Garmin Announces an Upgrade to the GRA 5500 Radar Altimeter

Garmin Announces an Upgrade to the GRA 5500 Radar Altimeter
on September 20, 2016

Garmin International Inc. announced a comprehensive radar altimeter solution that expands upon Garmin’s high performance,
all-digital GRA 5500 radar altimeter to include the GRA 55, a best-in-class and cost-effective radar altimeter
designed specifically for helicopters and general aviation aircraft. The GRA 55 leverages Garmin’s patent-pending digital
signal processing technology that works to provide smooth altitude tracking and results in a consistent and highly accurate
above ground level indication, even in the most challenging environments such as rough terrain, tree canopies, sand and
choppy water.

The new GI 205 stand-alone indicator, designed to pair with the GRA 55 or GRA 5500, provides a
comprehensive, stand-alone radar altimeter solution for operators seeking a cost-effective display.

Patent-pending technology in the GRA 55 incorporates built-in self-test monitors that continuously cross check system and
data integrity, assuring the pilot of an accurate measurement of the height above ground. This technology also provides for
a simpler installation with easy calibration and eliminates the requirement for long lengths of antenna cables that are
traditionally required in the installation of radar altimeters.

The GI 205 stand-alone indicator features a vibrant OLED display with full 180-degree viewing angle, allowing radar altimeter
indications to be seen easily in all types of flight conditions, day or night. Visual and audible alerts are available to ensure all
altitude indications are clearly presented in-flight. Pilot-selectable decision height (DH) is easy to adjust using a knob and
upon arrival at the DH, a “minimums, minimums” voice callout or traditional audible tone is available. Adding to situational
awareness, an intuitive graphical trend indicator displays vertical velocity information, such that altitude trend can be
monitored at a glance and corrections can be made promptly to avoid inadvertent climbs or descents.

For Part 135 helicopter operators, the GRA 55 fulfills the radar altimeter equipage requirement recently established by the
FAA. When paired, the GRA 55 and GI 205 provide the best-in-class solution to meet these new requirements. Coupled with
the GI 205 stand-alone indicator, operators can incorporate a complete, cost-effective radar altimeter solution into their
flight deck.

The GRA 55 is expected to be available in the 2nd quarter of this year for a list price of $6,995 and is compatible with select
Garmin integrated flight decks and flight displays, as well as some third-party displays. The GI 205 is anticipated to be
available in the 4th quarter of this year for a list price of $3,995. A complete GRA 55 and GI 205 package (including antennas)
will be available for an introductory list price of $11,995. For complete compatibility details and additional information contact
a Garmin authorized dealer.Taken from Garmin Blog

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