Garmin is pleased to announce the touchscreen G500 TXi, G600 TXi and G700 TXi flight displays as well as the
engine information system (EIS) TXi. Read Below for Trade-In Program.

Boasting a clean-sheet touchscreen design and vibrant presentation, the TXi family incorporates greater situational awareness tools and an innovative feature set into a contemporary avionics platform. Three displays are available, offering optimal flexibility for panel configurations, including a large 10.6-inch display, and two versions of 7-inch displays, in portrait and landscape orientations. The 10.6-inch display can operate as a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD) and optional EIS in a highly customized package, while the 7-inch portrait display can be dedicated to one of those functions. The 7-inch landscape display
is available exclusively as an EIS display solution. The G500 TXi system is intended for Part 23 Class I & II aircraft, with G600 TXi designed for Class III aircraft and G700 TXi intended for Part 23 Class IV and Part 25 aircraft. Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the G500 TXi/G600 TXi and EIS TXi systems is targeted for approval in Q4 2017, which will feature a comprehensive approved model list (AML) containing more than 600 single-engine piston, twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft makes and models, offering the most configurable, state-of-theart glass flight display solution in the market. Vibrant, State-of-the-art Touchscreen Display The TXi family incorporates a familiar touchscreen design with modern processors that support improved map and chart rendering, faster panning and contemporary single-finger zoom and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Through any combination of the touchscreen or dual concentric knobs, pilots can quickly access and view flight information at a glance. Modernized displays and large fonts offer improved readability, while the simplistic user-interface helps reduce overall pilot workload. Pilots will also appreciate a familiar in-flight experience behind the TXi series as the user interface is harmonious with multiple Garmin products, such as the GTN™ 650/750 touchscreen navigators.

Contributing to a streamlined installation and simplified maintenance, the TXi displays are available with integrated attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) and a display-mounted air data computer (ADC), typically alleviating the need to separately locate, mount and wire these sensors. As an additional option for remote mounting, a combined air data and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) is available, or AHRS and ADC units are available separately. Installation is further minimized for aircraft with an existing G500/G600 as the G500 TXi and G600 TXi are compatible with previously
installed Garmin sensors. The TXi family will also interface with the new GFC™ 600 autopilot and is compatible with a wide range of additional third-party autopilots.


When EIS TXi is paired with a GTN 650/750 and Flight Stream 510, Connext® wireless connectivity automatically downloads engine and other flight information to the Garmin Pilot™ app on an Apple® mobile device, which then automatically syncs this data across all of your devices with Garmin Pilot and with®. Additionally, helps pilots visualize engine and flight information such as track logs, cylinder head temperatures (CHT), exhaust gas temperatures (EGT), oil temperatures and more. Furthermore, pilots can view and dynamically interact with this information alongside a moving map, making it easy to understand data points at specific times during the flight. As an alternative to wirelessly syncing the information, the data can be logged and stored on an SD™ card within a TXi display and later uploaded to

The TXi family also supports the following additional features and options:
• Customizable crew profiles allow pilots to configure and save settings such as audio volume levels, backlight settings, map settings and more so they can be recalled prior to each flight.
• Pilots can overlay and animate NEXRAD radar from FIS-B and SiriusXM® Aviation on the MFD’s moving map.
• Various global datalink weather products are available when paired with GSR 56.
• Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) “In” traffic and FIS-B weather display on the PFD/MFD via the GTX™ 345 transponder or GDL® 88 ADS-B datalink.
• GWX™ 70 weather radar compatibility offers four-color storm cell display, as well as Turbulence Detection and Ground Clutter Suppression as options. Support for select third-party weather radars is also available.
• Pilots are offered significant savings on database subscriptions as OnePak™ annual database and PilotPak global database subscriptions are compatible with these displays.
• Smart Airspace™ references the aircraft’s current altitude and de-emphasizes non-pertinent airspace.
• Pilots can view and alternate between Garmin FliteCharts® or optional Jeppesen® charts.
• Jeppesen VFR Manual charts (formally known as “Bottlang” charts) are available within Europe, and European Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) can be overlaid on the moving map.
• WireAware™ wire strike avoidance technology overlays power line locations and relative altitude information on the moving map and provides both aural and visual alerting when operating near power lines.
• Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) is standard on G600 TXi (optionally available on G500 TXi) and presents a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles, traffic and the runway environment.
• Class B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) alerting is available as an option.
• Compatibility extended to include the GTS™ 800/825 Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) and the GTS 855 Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), as well as select third-party traffic systems.
• Patented TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ technologies are available with select traffic systems and provides pilots with a more intuitive method of judging target trajectories and closure rates.
• Compatible with the GRA™ 55 radar altimeter as well as select third-party radar altimeters.
• Optional support for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operations.
• An optional dedicated PFD controller (GCU 485) is available in 5 different formats and provides pilots with an additional source to make adjustments to the heading and altitude bugs, barometric setting and more.
• A back-up GPS is built into the displays, providing speed, direction and position information in the event the primary GPS navigator fails (with optional antenna; external mounting not required).


For a limited time only, Garmin is offering a trade-in program for original G500 and G600 displays, allowing customers to upgrade to the new G500 TXi or G600 TXi 10.6″ flight displays while utilizing their existing system sensors. To be eligible, the displays currently installed in the customer’s aircraft must be warranty registered. GDU 620 returns must be functional and flightworthy to be eligible for this trade-in credit. Additionally, this trade-in offer is only valid for 10.6” G500 TXi and G600 TXi flight displays and is available through June 30, 2018.

In conjunction with the display trade-in program, Garmin will exchange original G500/600 feature enablement SD cards for corresponding G500 TXi/G600 TXi feature enablement SD cards at no additional cost. The G500/600 feature enablement cards must be returned at the same time as the GDU 620 to be eligible for the exchange, and the relevant TXi enablement SD card order must be included on the same PO as the TXi display upgrade. No exceptions to this policy will be made.