When it comes to engine repair and maintenance, the technicians at APG are unmatched. They have decades of experience and offer you quality service with the best but safest possible turnaround times.  We provide quality equipment such as Sky-Tec starters.  Sky-Tec carries some of the lightest weight starters in the industry and we are pleased to offer them to you. “Plane Power alternators are among the best and most affordable in the general aviation industry. Commonizing on a small number of modern lightweight alternator designs, the Plane-Power line developed a variety of mounting kits to custom fit their alternators to the large variety of general aviation engines and aircraft. At APG, our technicians are experts in this field and will have you back in the air as quickly as safely possible.” Plane Power “GAMIjector® fuel injectors and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are fuel injection nozzles designed to deliver specific amounts of fuel to each individual cylinder that will compensate for the fuel/air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of the engine fuel/air systems. Each GAMIjector® fuel injector is carefully calibrated to much tighter tolerances than standard fuel injectors available for your engine. APG passes this quality standard on to you with certified,  experienced technicians.”  Gami
Matt and Harald mounting an engine from oh on a 2004 Cessna 182T cap plane