Core Return Policy



Our #1 priority is to make sure cores are available to all of our customers. Cores that are not returned in a timely manner cause delays for everyone and hinder our ability to provide efficient and quality service to others. For this reason we have set forth a core return schedule.

Core credit will be given upon receipt and inspection of the core unit. Full core credit will be given if the unit is returned within 30 days and is an acceptable core that is in serviceable condition.  If it is returned after 31 days the unit will fall under the 60 day rule.

If a unit is returned within 60 days, only 80% credit will be given. If the unit is returned after 61 days it will fall under the 90 day rule.

If it is returned within 90 days, 50% credit will be given. After 90 days, credit amount will be negotiated.

If no core is returned after 6 months, APG Avionics reserves the right to invoice for the full core amount.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us better serve all of our clients.

Thank you for your continued  business.

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