APG Avionics is a global leader in avionics sales. We carry a complete line of Business and General Aviation Avionics. APG Is a top 10 dealer for major manufacturers of aircraft parts sales. We are distributors for MID-CONTINENT, an Elite dealer for AVIDYNE, and a Platinum dealer for GARMIN. We have an established reputation in avionics sales and we have over 100 years combined experience in the aviation industry. In addition to new avionics, we also offer used equipment for both outright and on an exchange basis. Call us or email us at sales@avionix.com and put us to work for you.



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“In todays world of text’s and emails, where they suffice for the normal way of communicating, where in most companies they go unanswered after 5 and never on the weekends, where getting answer to problems and finding solutions seems easier simply googling rather than getting answers from people, it is refreshing dealing with Ron Shabbott. Having been dealing with Mr Shabbott for over 15 years, doing over 50+ deals together, whether on my own aircraft (14 of them) or on my customer’s aircraft, Ron Shabbott has been there 24 hours a day (literally), 7 days a week, and yes even on Christmas. He has always risen to the challenge when things have gone wrong and found the solutions to problems, minimizing the impact from a scheduling point of view and financially as well.. Mr. Shabbott is always looking out for the customer and I have seen him put what is best for himself behind what is best for the customer. This is a rare quality in people today and why, as long as I am in aviation, I will continue to deal with him and only him for all of my needs and my customer needs.”
Roger Battistoni    President/Owner    MultiCorp Aviation