Why choose Avidyne?

1.Slide-in the IFD:

Don’t cut up your panel and spend extra labor dollars when you can slide-out your old GNS and slide in the IFD.

2. IFD100 iPad app:

Add the IFD100 iPad app for free and you get another instance of your IFD on big glass plus remote control of the IFD.

3. Total cost of Ownership:

When you buy an Avidyne IFD you get a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COM. You don’t have to buy any additional add-ons.

4. Synthetic Vision:

With Avidyne’s exclusive synthetic vision on all our IFDs, you get better situational awareness for improved safety.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. May not be combined with any other offer but we will take your trade-in as well
  2. Offer valid for product purchased July 2, 2018 thru Sept. 30, 2018
  3. Installation cost limited to $500 and applies to slide-in replacement labor only
  4. Dealer to discount the labor from invoice to customer

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