The FDL-978-TXL (Out only) and the FDL-978-XVRL (In and Out), come complete, no “fine print,” with built-in WAAS/GPS, ADS-B and GPS antennas, an install kit, control head, and/or a WiFi module if needed.

Highlights Include:

Complete, rule-compliant ADS-B solutions for those operating at FL180 and below

Upgradeability from the TXL to the XVRL

Both systems are TSO certified to C154c and C145c

The XVRL is also TSO certified to C157a

Enhanced safety of flight

The Lite systems are based on our ‘Blue Box’ RANGR product line with some reduced feature sets. Lite systems are non-diversity capable and have a clear coat box finish. Some of the I/O required for integration in larger aircraft has also been removed. The In/Out XVRL product has the ability to display free weather and traffic via our WiFi module to a compatible tablet device.  FreeFlight offers the ability to upgrade from the TXL to the XVRL at any time. For more information or prices, contact our sales team.

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